Best Coconut Shake and Creamiest Coconut Shake in Singapore

Otai's coconut shake is rated as one of the best in Singapore by many people, including, one of the most popular food blogging websites. The positive feedback given to our coconut shake by should convince you to not just have one cup of the shake but to have several cups.  Most importantly, our coconut shake is healthier than that offered by other shops because we don't allow our customers to add more sugar to the drink. The sweetness from our fresh and tasty ingredients is already good enough to delight our customers and we don't need the additional sugar to mask the taste of it. If you want an even healthier drink than this shake, try our coconut water with soft coconut jelly meat.

Premium Coconut Shake

Why our Coconut Shake is So Special?

We are constantly improving our coconut shake. Even after positive feedback from customers, we are still striving to make it taste even better. For repeated customers, you will notice that we prepare our shake with good consistency. We make sure that it has the right level of creaminess, the ice is blended well and the coconut meat is of right size and texture. Because of the quality of the coconut drink, people from different parts of Singapore travel to our only store at Toa Payoh to buy it. When you have a taste of our shake, you will understand why. Every sip you take just gives you an unexpected burst of flavour which everyone adores. When the shake melts in your mouth, it leaves behind a creamy taste of coconut.  We are constantly perfecting our shake and other drinks. Every time we improve on the recipe of the shake and drinks, we know our customers will come back for more. We welcome customers' feedback so that we can make better drinks to enhance the experience of our customers.

Drink Healthy, Drink Happy Label

Dairy and Dairy Free Option

Our coconut shake comes in dairy and dairy free option so that people who prefer dairy free drink or are not able to take dairy products can still enjoy a good cup of our shake.

Types of Coconut Shake

We currently offer the following coconut shakes:

  1. Original Coconut Shake (Coco-Boss) - Just coconut favor. This should be the shake you start off with.
  2. Oreo Coconut Shake (Coco-Oreo) - We know some customers like oreo so much so we decide to offer this shake. Taste the favor of oreo with coconut shake explode in your mouth when you sip it.
  3. Mocha Coconut Shake (Coco-Mocha) - A taste of coffee/mocha is many people need to wake themselves up in the morning or mid-day. This drink will provide you with the burst of energy for you to continue your day.
  4. Avocado Coconut Shake (Coco-Avocado) - for those who wish to boost their health level, this shake which is packed with potassium, folate and fibre will certainly do so.
  5. Watermelon Coconut Shake (Happy Otai) - This is another healthy shake and it is good for cooling your body. We can also add lychee and lemon to create a twist to the drink and we call this shake (Woo La La).
Coconut Oreo Shake
Different favor coconut shake

Besides shakes, we also offer other healthy drinks and desserts like coconut water (with coconut meat), smoothies (e.g. Mango King shown above), ACAI and other healthy juices.

Marrying Coconut and Watermelon Shake


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